Bite-sized challenges throughout April & May to help you get brand clarity & visibility  so you are ready for post Covid-19 > Make this time count

Brand Clarity, Design and Visibility

Get clear about your business, understand the magic you bring to your brand and know your audience so you can create the right visual brand identity, messages and effective marketing – you and your business can blossom



You’re passionate about your business but are feeling lost and stuck. You have a vision of where you want your business to be but no idea where to start or how to get there. You want a logo, website and need to start marketing but it’s all so overwhelming. You’ve read so much conflicting advice on the internet and it’s just left you feeling confused!

You know you’re ready to make that change and need a plan.

We help female entrepreneurs, like you, build their business and brand from the roots up so they can resonate with their dream customer and inspire them to act. And if you need a beautiful visual brand identity, we’ll create one that connects you authentically with your ideal audience.

Marketing confuses me
  • You want to build a business that you can align with and love

  • Everyone is telling you something different – you just want clarity and guidance

  • You want a thriving online presence but lack the confidence and clarity

  • Marketing fills you with dread and you don’t know where to start

  • You’re struggling to pin-point your ideal customer and where to find them

  • You fear judgement and it stops you having the confidence to grow your business

  • You want to get clear on your messaging so you can communicate effectively

  • You want bespoke, on-brand design elements and patterns to use online and offline

  • You want to know how to layout your website so it coverts visitors into customers

“When you clarify your brand from the roots up, everything else flows seamlessly. Get clear on your purpose, mission, vision and audience so you can create a strategic brand that will help you achieve your business goals.”

How we can help you
Soulful Business Coaching with EMMA

Soulful business and mindset coaching with Emma designed to help you become aligned with your business, so you can wake up every day with confidence, direction and purpose.

Logos and Branding with Jill
Logos and visual branding with Jill

Need a logo and visual identity that feels authentically you? Maybe you already have one and need to change things up. Work with Jill to create a visual brand you can feel proud of.

Organic Marketing and PR with Emma

Emma will help you simplify your marketing so you can grow your business in a way that feels authentic and is completely aligned with both you and your audience.

Bespoke graphic design by Jill
Bespoke graphic design by Jill

Perfect for entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or know-how to create their own custom branded Canva templates, marketing collateral, illustrations or website.

Bespoke graphic design by Jill

A heart-led course for women who are the face of their brand and want to reconnect with or build their brand so both they and their business can blossom and grow.

Discovery call
Discovery Call

A friendly chat to find out if we’re the perfect match

Bespoke Plan
Bespoke plan

We help you choose the most beneficial way to work with us

Take action
Take action

Use your new knowledge and branding to grow your business

What our clients say
Helen Kershaw, founder of Natural Colour & Style

“Working with Jill has been fantastic.  She quickly got me and under the skin of my business.  Her process for creating a brand identity bought structure and clarity. We’ve got the foundations in place which will be easy for me to build on in the future.  She turns stuff around quickly and communicates clearly on timelines.”

Helen Kershaw Owner & Founder – Natural Colour & Style

Your Time Coaching

“Emma gave us so many practical elements that we could get on with straight away and also key parts for us to think about with our website and all things social media. She highlighted areas we need to work on and also areas we need to shout about even more. She gave us lots of confidence and she comes with great ideas, energy and great practical steps.”

Sarah Hickling & Dawn Hart  Co-founders –  Your Time Coaching

Nicki Kennedy, founder of Nicki Kennedy Voiceworks

“I didn’t really know where to start with the branding of my business, but knew I wanted to take things up a level and launch something that really got to the heart of what my business is. Jill grasped the concept of what I was looking for straight away and came up with the perfect logo, visual branding and website.”

Nicki Kennedy Owner – Nicki Kennedy Voiceworks

Why use us

We’re a friendly, creative duo, with a combined 42-years experience of design, branding, marketing and PR, who are committed to supporting you without any jargon or pressure. Our mission is to demystify branding and help women in business understand the magic they bring to their brand, who their audience is and how they can grow authentic, beautiful brand through frameworks, tools, design and support.

Gain confidence and knowledge, learn how to define your perfect customer, create strong brand foundations and nail the right messages which are the secret to growing your business. Book a call and let’s have a chat about how we can help you today!

Jill Pryor and Emma Collins - Brand Clarity, Design and Visibility