Enrolling for October 2021! Are you ready to take the next steps to align with your brand and grow your business?

If you are committed to make things happen in your business then you need to start with your brand roots. This seven-week course, packed with bonus mindset content, is going to be full of heart-led work to align you with your brand and give you a clear path so you can blossom and grow.????

This is perfect for women who are starting a business, or who already own one, who are feeling overwhelmed about what to do next and want to unlock the secret that successful brands know (branding is SO much more than just your logo!).




When you clarify your brand from the roots up, everything else flows seamlessly. Get clear on who you are, who you serve, how you help them and why you’re different to create a strategic brand that will help you achieve your business goals. Understand your brand foundations and you’ll be able to clearly communicate your brand message to your perfect audience – marketing can be simple.

Marketing confuses me
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and confused about your business and brand

  • You think branding is all about your logo (but it goes way deeper than that). You need a brand strategy

  • You’re not feeling fully connected with your business and are unsure what colours, fonts, logo or images you should be using

  • You’re not feeling fully aligned with your ideal customer (or even know WHO they are)

  • You want to master your brand strategy (you know you need one, but are confused about what it is or how to build one)

  • You want confidence to action marketing activities – you’re fed up with it all feeling like such hard work

  • You want to be visible with your business from a place that feels right

  • You want to be clear on what you need to do next and stop going round in circles

  • You’re fed up with feeling like you’re not getting anywhere and struggling to find the right messaging

  • A different, essential, brand module to work on each week following our seven-step programme designed for female entrepreneurs who want to fall in love with their brand

  • Weekly group mentoring Zoom call to help you work through your brand strategy Tuesdays 9.30am-11.30am (9.30am-1pm Tues 9th Nov and excluding October half term)

  • In-depth worksheets to help you get your ideas out of your head and your thoughts onto paper

  • Guest speaker Dominique Atwell, a certified Mindset and Leadership Development Coach, will be running a ‘Meet your Inner Mentor’ coaching session

  • Guest speaker, Jenny Stallard, journalist and founder of ‘Freelance Feels’ will run a bonus session about press coverage

  • All the support you need from Emma and Jill in an exclusive Facebook group of like-minded women who are working through their brand strategy and mindset too!

  • Mindset work by qualified coach, Emma Collins, so you can build your confidence and step out of your own way

  • Learn how to create a marketing plan so you can get visible and start attracting your ideal customers or clients!

  • Call replays so you can catch up in your own time if you’re busy (but you’ll get SO much more out of the course if you commit to attending the Tuesday live sessions!)

“Since joining the course, I’ve been posting much more mindfully on groups about what I offer and having much better engagement and even some tentative enquiries from new clients. This is so rewarding – I’ve been posting about my mission, and what I’m all about, as we worked on, and it’s already showing to be effective. Thanks, Emma and Jill!”

Jenny Stallard – Writer, Podcaster, Coach, and founder of Freelance Feels

“You don’t even know how much you need this course until you do it. I’ve learnt so much and it’s been really helpful in my marketing. I’ve been putting it into practice – using the language and appealing to what my audience want. I feel like I’ve gain clarity about my ideal client.”

Dominique Atwell – Dominique Atwell Coaching

“If you are serious about building your brand and have anything but a complete understanding of what branding is and how to build your brand, then go on this course. It is only going to benefit your business further. So far in the course I have dug so much deeper than I ever have before and I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of who my ideal customer is. I am so excited to find out what is coming next because I we are less than half way through the course yet I have learnt so much already.”

Gina Smith – founder of Create Visuals Aids


This online course starts week commencing 5th October 2021 and will be run every Tuesday morning for seven weeks  (excluding the October half-term).

We’re only opening it up for 10 women so we can keep this intimate and give you the support you need during our live sessions and in the Facebook group.????

Imagine knowing who your ideal customer is

Imagine knowing how you’re unique

Imagine having a framework for your messaging

Imagine knowing how to inspire your ideal customer to buy

Imagine being able to break free from confusion

Imagine knowing the content your audience wants

Imagine really connecting with your business and purpose

Imagine where it could take you and how you could grow

Bespoke Plan

Book your space and join our pop-up Facebook group in October, connect with other course members and get all the support you need.

Discovery call

Join us on Zoom every Tuesday 9.30-11.30am (9.30-1pm Tues 9th Nov) for Brand mentoring plus the optional guest speaker sessions on Thursdays (dates TBC)

Use our thought provoking worksheets to get your thoughts down on paper and define your brand strategy so you can take action!

Your investment in both you and your business

ONLY £297 (per person)

New rate of £997 per person will be applied in 2022

We have 42 years (we know!!) of combined experience in marketing, design, and branding! Helping overwhelmed women in business demystify branding and create unique, memorable brand strategies and visuals so that they can feel completely connected to their business and have the confidence to be visible is at the forefront of everything we do.

Jill Pryor and Emma Collins - Brand Clarity, Design and Visibility

“I’ve struggled in my abilities to market my business so I decided to join Brand + Blossom because I wanted to know if I was in the right place for where I want to take my busines.

Emma and Jill have incredible knowledge and help you every step of the way, so you can focus on that nugget or niche that you want to bring out. They ask all the right questions to get you to dig deeper into your mission. They spend time with everyone and make sure everyone is there to move forward with their brand and marketing.

I totally loved the experience, not only for working with Emma and Jill and using their knowledge, but to know I am moving in the right direction for my marketing. I thoroughly recommend this course if you want to get into the nitty gritty of what you want to achieve in your business.”

Karen Crumpler – founder of  Eye-Vision @karenexploreyourenlightenedvision


To secure your place email [email protected] or use the contact form below. We can’t wait to work with you!

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