10 COVID-19 Brand Survival Tips for Mumpreneurs

COVID-19 has swept across the world, affecting us all in one way or another

If you’re a Mumpreneur like us, then you’ll be juggling looking after the kids, keeping your family safe and running the business which you’ve put so much love and hard work into building. You don’t deserve to loose what you’ve created so here’s 10 brand survival tips which will help give you a head start to getting through the crisis.


Even if your hands are tied and you can’t sell or work at the moment, DO keep up your online or email activity and stay in contact with your customers and audience. Once this is over, people will be much more likely to remember you if you’ve been present throughout. Keep the dialogue going.

2 DO acknowledge the situation 

It’s affecting everybody and it’s important that you show empathy by talking about it in a way which links to your brand and what you sell or do. Everyone is facing this crisis together, so be transparent about what your business is going through. Your customers can empathize with brands facing a crisis, as long as you communicate with them properly. Describe any steps you’re taking to mitigate any potential risks. Keep your customer informed and show you care about their safety.

3 ASK your audience what they want from you

A poll is a great way to get a feel for what your audience is looking for. Perhaps they want more of what you normally offer, maybe they want to focus on survival during the crisis; or maybe they want something different from you such as humour or community. When you know what they want, you can serve them in the best way possible.

4 DON’T post on your brand’s social platforms or write your emails when you’re feeling low

You can be honest about your situation, but your best posts will come when you’re in the right survival mindset. This is your time to shine and show strength. You need to stay calm and don’t show panic! Choose to share the warming moments, the wins, the heroes, the humour. Pepper your feeds with the good stuff and the good news. If your business profile is linked to your personal one, then you need to be mindful about what you share as this could reflect on your brand.

5 THINK outside the box and adapt your offers or services

Can you take your face-to-face consultations online? Ask your customers to buy vouchers for your products or services for after lockdown? For example, if you run outdoor activities, you could suggest that the gift of a voucher is so more than the activity; it’s the promise of fun and freedom in the future and something to look forward to after lockdown. This can help maintain sales for you, whilst giving your customers something fun and exciting to look forward to.

6 Show up as a guide and GIVE

How can you help your audience deal with the problems they face in the current situation? Can you give them valuable content which will solve a problem or make them feel better? What could you offer which is in line with your product or service? The Joe Wicks brand is a great example; Joe is helping families worldwide and donating the proceeds of his YouTube daily work outs to the NHS for the duration. Selfless actions like this WILL be remembered after the crisis and you WILL build up trust and loyalty with your audience base.

7 PIVOT your messaging to reflect the current situation

The messaging you had previously may not be reflective of what’s going on now. Look at your website; have you updated your wording to reflect your adapted products or services? Consider how your customer or clients are feeling right now. Are they anxious? Frustrated? Scared? Exhausted? How can you help them overcome these negative emotions and experience positive ones instead? Build this into your messaging. Keep it simple and easy to understand. Write your messages in rough first then fine-tune them, taking out any words which aren’t necessary. Be clear, concise and don’t confuse.

8 Have a PLAN

When you’re facing a time of crisis and the unknown, having a plan can really help to reduce stress and should guide you to make the hard and needed decisions to ensure your survival. It’s frightening when you’re out there on your own so ask for advice. There is enormous power to be gained when people work together, learning from each other. Ask your mentors, chat to your peers or post in online communities; talk about your ideas and thoughts and it will help you get clear on your business decisions.

9 Try to stick to your long-term brand VISION

Don’t lose focus of your long-term goals. It’s tough but staying focused on long-term goals can help you when you make your short-term decisions now. Your vision will also help when you begin to plan your recover strategy for after COVID-19.

10 And finally, make sure you look after yourself and your MENTAL HEALTH

If you’re combining running and adapting your business from home whilst looking after your kids and home schooling, it doesn’t leave much time left for you. Make sure you make time to take your daily dose of fresh air. Drink plenty of water. Write in a journal. Listen to soothing music. Turn off the news – get your daily update then get out. Connect with your household through play, laughing and hugging. Be grateful for the little things and try not to obsess over things you can’t control.

Are you taking part in our 30-Day Brand Clarity Challenge?

We’ve opened up our subscription-based Blossom Lane Brand & PR Lounge Facebook group for free during the crisis and are running a 30-Day Brand Clarity challenge during April and May 2020 to help Mumpreneurs dig deep into their brand strategy, so they are ready to go after lockdown.

Catch up on any days you may have missed here and join the group to get the daily bite-sized challenges.

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