When you’re the face of your business, it’s YOUR values which will filter through your brand and help you make connections with your audience.

By leaning into your values, you’ll be able to make decisions in both your personal life AND your business, which are in-line with what you believe in. Everything will feel will so much more connected and joyous and it’ll be easier to recognise when things are off kilter, giving you the opportunity to ask; “Why doesn’t this feel right? Which of my values am I not connecting with?

Knowing your values will help you feel more confident about making decisions that are completely in tune with your soul and act to strengthen your brand.

“Okay, so knowing your values is good but how do I identify my values?”

1 Brainstorm and down the things which you believe in

Such as creativity, reliability, courtesy, family, quality, faith, wellbeing, leadership, authenticity, learning, perfection, security…

You may want to jot words down in a notebook and add to them over period of time. Whenever you make a decision to act in a certain way ask yourself “Why?” and make a note how it made you feel.

The things which make you feel good will be because they are reflecting your values, so dig deep and keeping asking “Why?” until you can get to the root. Perhaps you went for a jog. WHY? It makes me feel better. Why? I can get rid of my anxiety. Why? I focus on the bird song so my brain has a chance to clear and I feel calm. The value? Mindfulness.

2 Write a defining sentence alongside each one to make it unique to you.

For example, Reliability: “If I say I’ll do something, I’ve move heaven and earth to deliver. If there’s a hurdle, I’ll go above and beyond to resolve it.”

3 Consider people that your admire.

When you admire a quality in someone else, it’s probably because it’s something we value ourselves. For example: Katye Ferris is down to earth, soulful, kind and generous. These are all in-line with what we value.

4 Think about your best and worst life experiences.

You may have achieved a coaching certification so it’s possible that you value motivating others. A shocking boss may have taught you that compassionate leadership is important to you.

5 Choose your top 5-10 values, ones which you know you couldn’t live your life without.

If you’re struggling to identify them, consider the opposite words of each value and imagine living your life with that as a value instead. For example, Kindness vs. Callousness. How does that feel? Which feels the most unacceptable on your list?

“So how do I bring these values into my brand?”

Firstly, you don’t need to bring all your personal values into your brand. Maybe you value spirituality, but your ideal customer is unlikely to feel the same. In this case, talking about the human spirit or soul probably won’t resonate with your audience.

Understand WHO your customer is, then ask yourself, which values do YOU hold dear which THEY will identify with and appreciate. These are the values which will help you make connections and build trust.

Then think about how you can apply each value to your business. For example, we value confidence, because we’ve both had our own battle with imposter syndrome. So, one of our goals, when we guide our clients through the branding process, is to grow their confidence: confidence in themselves, their brand and how to use it moving forward.

And finally, it’s important to be authentic. We’re so busy juggling so many balls we don’t have time to be anything other than ourselves, and if we’re not, we’ll trip ourselves up. And you can guarantee, in this digital era, our customers will call us out.

Just be genuinely, beautifully you.

Consciously living your life and growing your brand using your values as a guide will help you;

1 Figure out your purpose

…and understand what you want out of life.

2 Help you structure your business so that it brings you the most joy.

If you don’t feel connected with your business, it maybe that it’s not enabling you to lean into your values. For example, you set up an online shop selling fast fashion, but you value the environment. Recognising this can help you make pivot to selling ethic, sustainable clothing.

3 Help you make decisions which FEEL right in your soul

(Remember how you’ve felt when you’ve made a decision which makes you feel rubbish? Most likely it went against your values, you just didn’t realise it).

4 Enables you to behave in a way which helps you show up

Let everyone see the real you.

5 Give you confidence and clarity 

In your decision making, your direction and your life, because you know what’s important to you.

Identifying your values doesn’t mean you won’t have to make hard decisions. But it does give you a moral compass which you can use in your personal and professional life.

If you’d like to work with us to dig deep and discover your values as part of our Brand & Blossom 7-Step Coaching Programme then book a discovery call or drop us a message, we’d love to hear from you.

Jill Pryor and Emma Collins - Brand Clarity, Design and Visibility

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