It’s all too easy to feel lost and bewildered when you’re building your business, but a great technique is to create a filter for your brand by defining a concise collection of keywords which authentically represent the very essence of who you are and what your business is all about.

These five to ten core words will guide you as your grow your business. You can run all your content, emails, visuals and offerings through these words and ask yourself if they tick the boxes of what you want to mean to your customers.

Let’s say you’re coffee shop and your words are:


The experience you give your customers should reflect all those words whether they come to your shop in person or view your online content. Your social posts and website should feature coffee, handmade bakes, happy smiling customers and staff. Your tone should be warm and friendly, and a rustic feel should filter through via your choice of brand colours, shop environment, design and images.

Ultimately, the experience your customers have with your brand will influence how they think about you on-going. You want your customers to link your brand with positive memories, words and emotions which are in-line with your business values and purpose, so that when they need or want the thing you offer, they’ll choose your brand every time over the competition.

Your keywords are an integral part of your brand roots and should play a huge part in:

???? Influencing your visual branding (colours, fonts, logos, icons and patterns)

???? Helping you choose images that are on-brand

???? Guiding the feel and nature of your content

???? Influencing your offerings

???? Determining the tone of voice you use

???? Influencing any in-person contact

???? Designing a physical shop’s decor

Ultimately, defining and staying true to your core brand words will help you achieve your vision.

Think about two brands that you love and write down words which spring to mind immediately. Here’s a few of our personal favourites…

Cadburys – chocolate, comforting, sweet, purple, delicious, time-out, happy

Apricot (Clothing brand) – quality, clothing, creative, stylish, confident

Centre Parcs – family, happy, relaxed, fun, rapids, bikes, nature, laughter

Butternut Box – dogs, nutritious, environmentally-aware, healthy, happy, fun

So, which words do you want to be associated with your brand?

The Core Brand Words Exercise

Get a large piece of paper (yes, paper and a pen as writing is THE best way to do this from the heart!).

Write down all the words which appeal to you that you’d like associated with your business. These could stem from your offerings, the emotions you want people to feel after they’ve worked or brought from you, your values or purpose. Just write down everything that’s running around in your head and get it all out!

Now refine these to a more concise list of 5 – 10 words. Highlight the ones which REALLY speak to you, that you feel drawn to, that feel right deep in your soul and create a new list featuring these. Ask yourself, is this where you want your brand to go?

THIS is the essence of the brand and business that YOU want to grow!

Think deeply about each word and write a sentence or two about each which really captures the essence of each word and makes it unique to you.

For example:

???? Confidence – We’ve had our own confidence battles and recognise it as being the brick wall that can stop you from blossoming as an entrepreneur, woman and business. Everything we do is designed to help women feel confident about their abilities, their business and their brand.

Final thoughts

It’s all too easy for women, who are the face of their brand and juggling so many tasks, to focus on their offerings BEFORE they’ve really dug deep and understood their brand roots. When you know who your brand is, who your audience are, the unique magic you bring and how you can communicate this, life is so much clearer, your confidence will grow and both you and your business will blossom.

If you’d like to work one-to-one with Emma and Jill to uncover your authentic brand roots, then book a free discovery call with us!

Jill Pryor and Emma Collins - Brand Clarity, Design and Visibility

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