If you’re suffering from brain fog when it comes to creating content, struggling to put what you offer into words, know that something just doesn’t feel right or are struggling to attract customers then you probably haven’t identified your brand purpose.

Brand purpose (also referred to as your ‘Why’) is what you do or offer over and above just the ‘thing’ that you sell. It’s the very core of your business and should align completely to the needs and desires of your ideal audience and be filtered through all your messaging.


Brand Purpose Examples

Tropic Skincare’s purpose is to;

“CREATE A HEALTHIER, GREENER, MORE EMPOWERED WORLD. We aim to be a force for good beyond beauty and maintain our Infinite Purpose at the heart of everything we do at Tropic.”

Butternut Box’s brand purpose:

“To get all dogs eating better quality, better made food; sourcing only the kind of organic ingredients we would cook with ourselves.”

Our brand purpose:

“To help entrepreneurs create authentic, soulful brands that FEEL right and give them the clarity and confidence to love, nuture and grow their business.”

If you don’t have a purpose that’s greater than the ‘thing’ you offer, then people will make their buying decisions based on competitive price, quality and features alone. However, if your audience fall in love with your brand purpose, then they’ll buy what you offer without looking elsewhere. So, if you’re trying to figure out what makes your brand different in a crowded marketplace, then your brand purpose is a great place to start.

Think of a person or brand whose purpose you’ve completely fallen in love with and remember how you feel whenever they release a new product or service. Do you rush out to price comparison check or just know you have to get that thing right now?