Imagery plays an important part in creating your brand vibe and helps you communicate your personality and story to your audience. As Albert Einstein said; “One picture is worth a thousand words.”

To help you make the most of your next photo shoot, here are twelve tips we’ve learned throughout our years of coordinating sessions and working with imagery to help you keep on-brand when you’re planning either a personal or product photo shoot.

1 Personality

What’s your brand vibe? Are you fun? Professional? Dynamic? Make sure this comes across in your facial expressions, subject matter and styling. If you’ve not figured out what makes your brand tick, now’s the time to do it!

2 Pinterest Board

Create a Pinterest board before your photo shoot with imagery and styling which you feel reflects your brand and share this with your photographer in advance.

3 Colour

Infuse your imagery with your brand colours. Use props such as mugs, pens, notebooks or potted plants and wear clothes and accessories that are in-line with your brand both in colour and pattern. This way your photos will co-ordinate with the rest of your marketing collateral.

4 Clothes change

For a personal photo shoot, be prepared and choose as many outfits and accessories as you are able in advance in accordance with the photo package you’ve booked. Use brand colours with neutrals to keep everything aligned. Consider having your hair in different styles and lay out all your brushes and clips so they’re easy to grab. Different lipsticks are a great way to change your look if you wear it. Time is money and the more prepared you are, the more value you will get for your money!

5 Nails

Whether you’re having a personal photo shoot, or getting ‘How to’ photos taken, hands are important! Give yourself a manicure the night before and use nail varnish which matches your brand colours – bitten, jagged nails in a ‘how to’ series area are a distraction! It will make such a difference to how you feel and the finished look.

6 Lighting

This is super important. If your brand vibe is dark and moody then make sure you brief your photographer to use dark, moody lighting. If your vibe is bright and fun, then the lighting should convey this! Lighting can make a HUGE difference to the overall feel of your photos.

7 Focus

Do you want everything in your photo to be crisp and in focus, or is a soft, blurred background more in keeping with your brand? Make sure you tell your photographer what you want. Ask for a few test shots using both if you’re not sure.

8 Background

A busy background can draw the eye away from what you want it to focus on. Take the time to declutter your workspace or check your location for a background which won’t distract. Less is definitely more.

9 Adding text

Do you need to allow space within your image to overlay text for your marketing? This is often required for collateral such as brochure front covers, adverts or menus. Planning ahead will enable you create a composition which enables you to get the most out of your photo shoot.

10 Photo Proportions

Think about where you want to use your image. If you need a photo for a web banner, you’ll need a wide angled lens to achieve the dimensions you need. Ask for uncropped photos so you have as much image to play with as possible.

11 Content

Think about what you talk about, what makes up your working day and the things that make you who you are and plan a mix of imagery that capture as much as possible within your budget. Also consider locations which are relevant to your brand. Maybe you have a studio, or work from home. Perhaps you live in a location which you talk about all the time – a city, the beach. Use your photos to communicate your story.

12 Customer outcome

The transformation you offer your customers is a key part of drawing them closer towards you. If you’re having imagery taken for your website banners or social media, consider what life looks like for your customers after they’ve brought your offering and how it makes them FEEL. Your photos should convey that.

And finally, just be you!

Not many of us enjoy having our photos taken so the photographer you choose should be one you feel comfortable with. Ask around for recommendations, book a discovery call, check out their testimonials and look at their work. Who are their ideal clients? Is it you? If so, their portfolio should be filled with examples of just what you’re looking for!

If you’re feeling stuck and need someone to translate what’s in your head into a living breathing visual brand identity book a discovery call here!

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