Does looking at your competitors make you feel stressed and inadequate?

Well, you’re not on your own. Pretty much every single entrepreneur we’ve talked to struggles with imposter syndrome and are left feeling dejected when they see what others are doing.

Emma recently sent me a link to a brand challenge a competitor was running. My stomach instantly clenched in knots and that negative voice in my head started saying…

“See, you’re not good enough.”

“They’re SO much better at this than you.”

“You can’t possibly compete with that.”

“Maybe you should start looking for a proper job.”

“You’ve got no chance.”

“Who’s going to want to work with you?”

I’d been feeling really positive and happy before I saw that link. Afterwards, I felt like rubbish. It was crazy.

When we ran our recent Brand & Blossom online course, one of the tasks we asked our members to do was to research their competitors.

Many of them said afterwards that the task had left them feeling; “Stressed”, “Negative” and “Not good enough”.

The problem is, when you’re looking to create or grow your brand, you’re missing a HUGE trick if you don’t research others in your niche.

You need to stand out from the crowd, and to do that, you need to understand what others are offering and who they’re talking to, so that you can figure out a way of making yourself different.

So how can you look at your competitors objectively, without feeling pants about yourself?