30 Day Brand Clarity challenge

#Day1 Welcome to our Brand Clarity Challenge, we’re so happy you’ve joined us!

This challenge is focused on getting you right back to the foundations of your business and working on it from the roots up.

You’ll learn the importance of knowing your brand inside out so that you can clearly communicate your brand message to your perfect audience and grow in confidence along the way.

Day 1 Brand Clarity Challenge

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.”
Simon Sinek

As a Mumpreneur, you may not have an earth changing WHY; it may just be your desire to be flexible, to be your own boss or your need for money and that’s okay. You don’t need to share your WHY with the world, it can be your own private WHY which you can remember when times get tough. Write it down and put it near your bed, desk or on the fridge to remind you daily!

You may however, have a WHY which is driven through the desire to help others, change lives or make a difference. This is a WHY which you SHOULD be weaving throughout your brand and filtering to your audience. And if your WHY changes as you and your brand evolve, then that’s ok, you can revisit, rethink and change it to suit.