There is no better feeling than doing something you love. Hello, we’re Emma and Jill. We are so pleased to welcome you here.

Between us, we have a combined 30 years of experience in design, marketing, branding and business skills. We live on the beautiful Dorset south coast with our husbands, daughters and crazy dogs to keep us on our toes and are learning to live our lives in a sustainable way which makes us feel happy and fulfilled; our journey with Blossom Lane Creatives is part of that dream.

We are now working with creative start-ups and entrepreneurs helping them to develop their business’s using simple, effective marketing and design. We aim to help them cut through the noise of complicated marketing must-dos and focus on what people like you really want.

Blossom Lane Creatives Our Background
Blossom Lane Creatives Emma and Jill

The feeling of overwhelm that we both felt at the beginning of our business journey is still crystal clear; it’s taken a long time for us to learn the ins and outs of running a successful business and keeping our sanity in check.

We have both been on a journey of highs and lows and pure fear! From working hard in corporate, to having our babies and feeling like we no longer knew ourselves.

Feeling inadequate as part time employees, we both went freelance, Emma in December 2016, working as Emma Collins PR, and Jill in April 2017, working as Jill Pryor Design. After finding we were organically sharing clients, we made the decision to join forces in November 2017 and formed Blossom Lane Creatives. We have spent most of the time petrified and full of self-doubt but learning so, so much on the way. Our journey has shown us that our passion lies with coaching and supporting women who want more freedom, less stress and the confidence to be self-employed or start a side hustle. We want to wake you up and watch you shine and develop.

To ensure that we can offer women in business the best service possible, we work closely with a pool of creative talent which enables us to project mange your growth in the most effective way possible.

With business and family comes mental health. We don’t just stop at business and branding, we want to share with you the tools that we have found useful on our tough entrepreneurial journey. Emma & Jill

“I’m the introvert in the team who loves nothing more than sitting behind my computer and designing. Being a working Mum to two has meant that I have a lot of respect for women who are trying to run a business and juggle life. My passion is to help female entrepreneurs get off to the best start they can by producing gorgeous and practical branding and design that they are proud to shout about.

Being able to cut through the humdrum and tap into my creative soul gives me such a boost I feel I can achieve anything! I’ll never forget when my Grandma taught me how to draw a tree; I remember the moment when I just ‘got’ it; it felt amazing. So now, I always look to replicate that feeling when working with clients, helping them to bring their visions and dreams to life.” Jill

Blossom Lane Creatives Emma

“I love working with business owners, being a part of their business and personal development. As the eldest of three growing up, I have always found joy in being the one helping and supporting others. When I make someone happy it feeds my positivity too.

I love my role of Marketing Consultant. I’m the one who turns clients frowns into glorious smiles with my years of experience and passion. Marketing mentoring is a process that I use to take a business from where it is now, to where the business owner wants it to be. I work with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, helping clients develop skills and knowledge.” Emma

Our Mission
“We are passionate about inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs who either own their own business, or dream of starting their own business, through branding and simple, creative marketing, enabling them to achieve sustainable success on their terms.”

Our Vision
“We aim to build women’s confidence and ability to promote their business in a manner which is both achievable and viable and provide opportunities where they can connect and support each other in the long term.”

  • Passion

    We believe passion for what we do and happiness in our work leads to more productivity and creativity for our clients

  • You come first

    We always have our client’s best interests at heart

  • Wellness

    We truly believe that when a woman feels good about herself, she can climb mountains

  • Honesty

    We are genuine and transparent in all that we do

  • Quality

    It’s best to do one thing incredibly well rather than lots of things averagely

  • Focus

    Each client is special and deserves 100% focus

  • Flexibility

    You don’t need to be at your desk 9-5 to make great things happen

  • Improve

    Mistakes will occur, but they should never be repeated

  • Respect

    Everyone is valuable and treated with respect

  • Networking

    We don’t know everything, but we can find the answer

  • Learn

    We never stop learning

If you are looking for a creative, energetic, friendly and honest duo of experienced marketeers with a passion for helping women in business, start-ups and entrepreneurs reach their goals and build their confidence then we are for you! You can select one of our packages or cherry pick from our services to get what you need; and we are happy to tailor our work to fit within your budget.