Awena Branding

Awena was feeling lost in her brand growth. Her business had evolved and developed in one area and a completely new strand to her services was born. She needed to rebrand and marry everything up. After working with Jill, Awena now has brand boards, elements and logos which flow beautifully together for all three components of her business.This new branding really shows who she is and represents her client outcome so perfectly.

Awena Main Brand Identity
Awena Conscious connection Branding
Awena Maternal Wellbeing Branding
Awena Branding Testimonial

“The process of working with Jill was utterly delightful from the start. Jill got me, she listened carefully to my wishes and produced a look, energy and vibe that matched me perfectly. She took my suggestions as we progressed, and her work reflected these brilliantly.

There were barely any adjustments I needed to make, she got the desired outcome super-fast,  I was very impressed with that. Jill gets you to dig deep, and really get to the crooks of your brand, it’s a truly exciting and beautiful process.”

Awena Naomie Ella