IC Brindle & Co Ltd.

Founded in 1994 IC Brindle & Co Ltd. supply high quality Safety Equipment to the international marine industry. They have since expanded into providing Waterside Safety Equipment to many customers in different industries, as well as specialist equipment to the emergency services.

Their customers include commercial enterprises, local government, the military, civil defence, emergency/rescue services and private individuals. Based in the UK but with over half their sales exported across the world.

  • Researching to ensure information was represented correctly
  • Sketching
  • Illustrator

IC Brindle & Co Ltd. had a requirement for two sets of small illustrations for a new edition of their Fire Training Manual, which is exclusively related to the commercial marine industry. The illustrations required were based on existing diagrams and were required to help the reader interpret the text.

Jill worked closely with Jim at IC Brindle to create a collection of illustrations which acurately represented their needs.